We are seeking dedicated and compassionate nurses to help us with our mission of providing outstanding care for people in ways which matter to them.

As a nurse at Dorset County Hospital, we recognise the need to care for our staff to allow them to care for others.

You will be welcomed in to a supporting and friendly environment where we will invest in your ongoing training and education to ensure the development of the future nursing leadership.

Nursing, midwifery and care staff form the largest proportion of the health and care workforce. They have a key role in delivering a positive impact on outcomes and patient experience.


There are many benefits to being a Nurse at our Trust. Some of these include:

  • A comprehensive Preceptorship Programme

  • An on-site dedicated Education Centre

  • Opportunity for flexible working patterns

  • Commitment to support ongoing training and development

  • Strong links with Bournemouth University

  • Opportunity for rotational posts

Would you be the perfect fit for us?

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