Dorset County Hospital is proud to offer a multi-professional Preceptorship Programme to all newly qualified registrants, return to practice and overseas nurses.

It commences with a two-week classroom based induction, incorporating skills development, clinical supervision and self-leadership and resilience. All sessions are delivered by our own subject matter experts, and the programme is developed and facilitated by a practice educator.

Following the two-week induction, preceptees are allocated a preceptor who supports them throughout their first year, and helps guide them by setting objectives and oversees the completion of their professional portfolio and competencies. The programme also provides further recall days throughout the year (approximately one per month), in addition to ongoing support from the Practice Educator.

The programme is constantly evolving to meet the needs of preceptees and feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Our Trust values of Integrity, Respect, Teamwork, Excellence are deeply embedded in our Preceptorship Programme and we aim to ensure our newly-registered practitioners recognise that they are a much valued member of our workforce.

“It has had a positive impact on the way I work and it has helped me to feel more confident.”

“Brilliant, good fun to learn.”

“it is good to share experiences with other professionals.”

“I think it has improved my standards of care, reinforcing what I was already doing as a RN.”

“I have learnt lots from every recall study day and I try to apply this every day as a nurse.”


Some of the benefits of our Preceptorship Programme include:

  • All sessions are delivered by our own subject matter experts

  • A supportive Preceptor throughout the first year

  • Further recall days throughout the year

  • Part of a constantly evolving programme

  • Ongoing support from the Practice Educator for Preceptorship

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